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May 2nd
8:30   Registration
9:30   Welcome from the general chair Martin Cooke
Local information Simon King
9:45   Invited talk by Roger K. Moore
Some insights into talker-listener-environment coupling, energetics and the contrastive particulate structure of spoken language
10:30   Coffee + Poster session 1
12:00   Invited talk by Martin Pickering
An integrated theory of language production and comprehension
12:45   Lunch + Poster session 2
14:45   Invited talk by Valerie Hazan
The effect of speaker-listener interaction on speech production in adverse listening conditions
15:30   Tea break
16:00   Oral session 1
17:30   Short break
18:00   IEEE distinguished lecture by James D. Johnston
Articulation in the presence of noise
(this is a public lecture open to all, not just workshop participants; free admission)
19:30   Reception
May 3rd
8:30   Registration
9:00   Evaluation the Listening Talker: The Hurricane Challenge
Cassie Mayo
9:15   Invited talk by Torsten Dau
Modeling speech intelligibility in adverse conditions
10:00   Invited talk by Bastian Sauert & Peter Vary
Listening enhancement for mobile phones - How to improve intelligibility in a noisy environment
10:30   Coffee + Poster session 3
12:00   Invited talk by Hideki Kawahara
A new dimension of voice quality manipulation
12:45   Lunch + Poster session 4
14:45   Invited talk by Junichi Yamagishi
HMM-based speech synthesis adapted to listeners' and talkers' conditions
15:30   Tea break
16:00   Oral session 2
17:00   Invited talk by Richard Heusdens
Speech intelligibility improvement using a perceptual distortion measure
17:45   Closing remarks Yannis Stylianou
18:00   Closing reception, with drinks and snacks