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When talkers speak, they also listen. Talkers routinely adapt to their interlocutors and environment, maintaining intelligibility and dialogue fluidity in a way that promotes efficient exchange of information. In contrast, current speech output technology is largely deaf, incapable of adapting to the listener's context, inefficient in use and lacking the naturalness that comes from rapid appreciation of the speaker-listener environment. As a result, there is no guarantee that the intended message is intelligible, appropriate or well-timed, considerations which can lead to divided attention and fatigue in safety-critical situations. A key scientific challenge is to better understand how "talker-listeners" respond to context and to apply these findings to the modification of natural (live/recorded) and generated (synthetic) speech. The Listening Talker (LISTA) workshop brings together linguistics, psychologists, neuroscientists, engineers and others working on human and machine speech perception and production, to explore new approaches to context-sensitive speech generation.

The workshop will be single-track, consisting of invited talks as well as contributed oral and poster presentations. An open call for a Special Issue of Computer Speech and Language on the theme of the listening talker will follow the workshop.

Contributions are invited on any aspect of the listening talker, including but not limited to:

  • theories and models of human communication involving the listening talker
  • human speech production modifications induced by noise
  • speech production changes with manipulated feedback
  • algorithms/vocoders for speech modification
  • transformations from casual to clear speech
  • characterisation of the listening context
  • intelligibility and quality metrics for modified speech
  • application to natural dialogues, PA, teleconferencing etc

Important dates
  • Paper submission is now closed.

  • 30th March 2012:  Deadline for final versions of accepted papers and abstracts
  • 30th March 2012:  Deadline for early registration

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  Invited speakers Technical committee
  • Paavo Alku
  • Alan Black
  • Hynek Boril
  • Ann Bradlow
  • Chris Davis
  • Thierry Dutoit
  • Maeva Garnier
  • Agustin Gravano
  • Joakim Gustafson
  • John Hansen
  • Peter Howell
  • Jean Krause
  • Gernot Kubin
  • Philip Loizou
  • Ewen MacDonald
  • Thomas Quatieri
  • Ann Syrdal
  • Louis Ten Bosch
  • Tomoki Toda
  • Werner Verhelst
  • Martin Cooke  (University of the Basque Country)
  • Simon King  (University of Edinburgh)
  • Bastiaan Kleijn  (Victoria University of Wellington)
  • Yannis Stylianou  (University of Crete)
Local organisation
  • Vincent Aubanel  (University of the Basque Country)
  • Cassia Valentini Botinhao  (University of Edinburgh)
  • Yan Tang  (University of the Basque Country)